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Moving to a new place poses more challenges than just the physical labour of hauling furniture and stuffing carloads until your tire axles wine and complain. There is the longing to start your new life while still being able to maintain your relationships from the past. The emotional layers of moving penetrate our spiritual lives through the subtle movements and changes of the subconscious self. Though challenging it is also very rewarding. If you are ready and willing you may find yourself diving deeper within and preparing for something much greater.

And isn’t this the purpose of life, of growth and of human beings?

My recent move has opened my heart and mind to a life of unforeseen changes. A spirit inside me drove me to pack up and relocate but a greater being knew I was capable and guided me to this place where I would continue to evolve into someone great.

Although I am unaware of the end results I am persistent in the free informal education.

What are these lessons?

For me, it has began with learning about people. It is about winning and influencing those around me to create a community which I desire to dwell in. Fortunately I am not alone in this process, I am in fact accompanied by Dale Carnegie author, and fellow pursuant. The principles that he offers are intangible and by the end of his book I would like to help others generate these principles on their own so that they also adopt and alter their own lives. What keeps me intrigued? The reactions and actions of those around me as well the reward of knowing that this higher level of thought and living will allow all ships to float.

The next lesson has evolved from my decision and commitment to being happy. This is easier than most believe. I think it comes down to perspective. A commitment to happiness also means a commitment to continuously developing new perspectives. Those which allow you to enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY whatever it is you encounter. This can be done in a number of ways, maybe through relationships or adventures, maybe more awareness, effort more gratitude and more appreciation. The commitment looks and feels different every day and isn’t that wonderful? The fuel is the feeling of becoming and the warm acceptance from those who welcome and admire your constant rebirth.


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