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Could my spiritual journey be a simple as a cosine wave? Or is it as complicated? I imagine it depends on one’s mental and spiritual clarity. There are moments of dullness and moments of endless creation. In recent times, I believe that the strength of these waves has to do with the amount of allowance and/or the level of resistance that we maintain in our energetic bodies.

The motivation to write began with a yoga class, the invitation to share the union of breath with a family of strangers. Encouraging and sharing movement was so powerful, it lead to a deeper investigation of my ‘self.’ Later that evening during a friendly gathering celebrating the seasonal change in the North Country, I had the opportunity to gaze out into the galaxy. This is not an analogy, my friend is an amateur astronomer with an extremely powerful telescope! I learned a new skill while star gazing. He explained the concept of averted vision. Did he know that he was also explaining the process of spiritual growth? Averted vision meant taking your eyes off of what you instantaneously, almost impulsively desire, in order to view contrast and appreciate what it is you did not know existed.

I have not quite come to terms with that wave of information, but I imagine that it will come again. I eagerly and optimistically made one more connection while gazing out into the unknown that I stopped learning about in 8th grade earth science. Allow me to explain the series of connections:

It began with a book. (No surprise there)

A book about movement, a book called, “What a Body Knows.” I am only paragraphs into the book but I am hooked on the fresh new concepts of movements creating desire and therefore creating the self.

It is as simple as movement. This is something I have always understood, and now movement is a more than an activity, it is a principle and it is something that I proudly embrace.

Laura, the author, indirectly says (or I perceived) movement is critical to our development, and it enables the self to create powerful waves that eventually become manifestations of our desires. It takes the wind out of the sails of willful and wishful thinking and enables individual to eminate hope and wellbeing from their spiritual bodies, not just their spiritual center!

I said, AH HA! I have known this all along. This is why I must always be moving and this is why I will always be on the move! What I did not understand is how does a melody of simple movements create a song of desire?

The answer to that was literally in the stars. As I gazed out through the telescope at star nurseries, and supernovas, my friend told me that I was gazing into the past. He meant 1500 years into the past! He explained that by now those particles had moved or been moved and were probably already forming or a part of another star. Ignorant to intergalactal space creation, I asked him, “how do they move?”

He spoke of the effects of chemical reactions, gases and other atmospheric pressures. It became my understanding that these non-life forces propelled movement that was so substantial and powerful that it could create entire galaxies. We then began talking about the idea that the same matter that builds the stars, also forms the foundation for human beings, and every other object on the planet. So the power behind creative movement is as simple as molecular restructuring. That is not rocket science (actually it is), but it does go to show that we are definitely a part of something greater. It is now clear to see that we are all connected, moving and changing in synchronization with one another. We humans, stars and galaxies alike, are not alone in this journey.


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